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Cosmic Dash is a science fiction adventure series that takes place in a galaxy embroiled in an expansionist cold war between three factions. Beyond the comic there is the Cosmic Dash Story Archive which features short stories and lore that explore concepts and characters in the setting. Most notably of these is the ongoing series Nightlifers.

Sandbox Properties

The Cosmic Dash Sandbox is generally open to most forms of exploration:

  • Fan art is always welcome (including comics and prose)
  • Art trades are welcome (including comics and prose)
  • Crossovers are possible
  • Character cameos are welcome
    • This comic frequently engages in cameos of other characters
  • Collaborative work is highly desired
  • Paid work and profit-splitting scenarios are possible

For things like fan art, fan fiction, and cameos you are welcome to do these things at will, however substantial cameos or collaborative work requires approval beforehand.

Reference Material

Reference materials are available. There is a great deal of comic and prose content in addition to a large collection of character and concept art. Additionally the creator is readily available for feedback and brainstorming.

Modes of Contact

The primary modes of contact with the creator are via e-mail (hpkomic[@], or via twitter.