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What is a Sandbox Webcomic?

Imagine you have created a wonderful setting, full of stories to explore, with rich, detailed characters, histories, and lore. Now imagine being the only person able to access all these wonderful contents. You may have complete creative control, but wouldn't it be great to see what other people do with your materials? A Sandbox Webcomic has some degree of openness, allowing fans and other creators to create content developed by the initial creator.

This is much like a child in a sandbox by themselves with tools, and the best, most awesome sand around. It is fun to build and play in the sandbox, but wouldn't it be better if other kids could join in? Maybe even by playing on the terms that you have set?

Not every creator wants to open up their work to others, and that is okay. For some creators, however, there is a desire to see their worlds expand beyond what they alone produce, and this concept of a Sandbox Webcomic allows this to happen. Sandbox Webcomics are set by their creators meaning that they can be as open or as controlled as the owner of the sandbox sees fit.

The listing of a comic as a Sandbox Webcomic does not represent a binding contract or indicate a guarenteed collaboration as the principle of the schoolyard is in full effect here:

You must always ask to play with someone else's toys.

Each Sandbox Webcomic listing includes the contact information of the owner of the project in addition to the terms of how the project is to be used. Read carefully and contact creators to make sure you are not treating their creations in ways they disagree with.

Our most important rule here is to not be a jerk. If a creator does not wish to let you work within their sandbox then that is that. As stated again, this wiki is merely a listing of creators who are open to having their settings and characters used by other creators, but only to a degree that is comfortable for both parties.