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Welcome to The Network of Open Source Creative Original Works

Boy, that's a lot to say. Let's just go with NOSCOW, shall we? We here at NOSCOW belief in a concept called sandbox webcomics. The project began as a Google doc listing creators whose webcomics were like sandboxes.

Sandbox Webcomics?

So, what is a Sandbox Webcomic?

Imagine you have created a wonderful setting, full of stories to explore, with rich, detailed characters, histories, and lore. Now imagine being the only person able to access all these wonderful contents. You may have complete creative control, but wouldn't it be great to see what other people do with your materials? A Sandbox Webcomic has some degree of openness, allowing fans and other creators to create content developed by the initial creator.

So, the purpose of the Google doc was to allow creators to not only list their works if they were open to it, but also to clarify the limitations of that openness. If you're open to fan art or fan fiction, that's great. If you're open to collaborations for profit, that's great too! If your setting is completely open for anyone to explore as they feel like then that is also completely welcome.

So What Else?

The initial Google doc grew to not only included a list of these Sandbox Webcomics, but lists of Open Source Characters, in addition to Public Domain and Orphaned Works. Currently the wiki prioritizes the Sandbox Webcomics, but as it grows we may dive more substantially into Public Domain and Open Source Content. Whatever listings of these categories that are presented are unlikely to be a detailed as the listings of the Sandbox Webcomics.


A creator's listing on this wiki does not signify a binding contract or guaranteed access to their IP (intellectual property). All this wiki is designed for is to serve as an index for creators, comics, and settings that are collaborative or open to some degree. It is important that if a setting or character has an attached author that any potential usage of said setting or character be cleared with an author first, unless the specifically say otherwise on their entry.

So Who Do We Blame?

The source Google doc was created by hpkomic, creator of the webcomic Cosmic Dash who has his own setting up for exploration.